What day is it??



Hello again!  For the days 2nd installment!!  We left the Hames aboad (very sadly I might add)..and we were off to Nebraska…yes…Nebraska!!  And, we were even in Iowa for about 10 min!!  Don’t worry. I know how worried you all must be.. but yes!! I got the state sign pics!!  Can I get “woot-woot”!!

Luckily the drive was uneventful…which is good.  But…when we arrived in North Platte, NE (yes…it’s a place)!!  I learned the Buffalo Bill’s ranch was here!!  I don’t know what lunatic WOULD NOT go there given the chance…so..THIS lunatic loaded up the crew (dog too) and drove the mere 4 miles to see it!!  Well…wouldn’t you know.  It closed at 5…and did the stop us…NO!!!!   It was BEAUTIFUL!!  The house was built in the 1800’s and is still all original.  I sooo wanted to go inside…but..it was locked up tight…not that I checked or anything!!  😳😉

So we walked around outside and it was just beautiful out!!  The weather, the fields, the fresh air.  It was simply stunning!!

Tomorrow will be our longest drive.  7 hrs.  But no big deal!  Then only 3 hrs on Thursday to Jackson Hole!!  Woo-hoo!

This has been so cool.  I have seen things I would never have dreamed of!  I feel so lucky to be able to share this with my kids!!!  Things really do slow down out here.  And I love it!!   I can’t wait to see what fun stuff we get into tomorrow!!

Until then!!!

A day late…BUT..not a dollar short–YET!! :)


Hello!!  Well.. it has been an amazing couple of days!!   We left Paducah, Kentucky on Monday morning headed to the Hames chateau!!  Well…being the geography scholar (wink, wink) I am…I flew right by the Illinois state sign.  Unfortunately, we had crossed the Ohio River.   Much to my children’s dismay…I flipped a “u-ey”..drove BACK over the bridge…flipped ANOTHER “u-ey”…crossed the bridge for the 3rd time now…just to get the picture!!  And it was a good one! Albeit a little freaking since we didn’t have a lot of room to stop.  But hey!  I put my hazards on!!

I have a bone to pick with Missouri…no state sign?!?   Between Illinois and Missouri??  Cmon man!!  That seriously jacks with my picture documentation!!  (Lets remember…it’s me driving…very STRONG chance I flew by it)….ANYHOO…for now…it Missouri’s fault!!  So…since NO damn state sign…I OF COURSE had to stop in St. Louis and get pictures with the arch!!   I mean, it is the “Gateway to the West”…and I had to prove we were really in Missouri…so BAM!!  Got cool pictures!!  But, the funniest thing was Maggie!!  I literally had people stop and take pictures of her and with her!  One woman had her two sons sit next to her and take a picture!!  Being the Diva she is…she ate it up!!  I’m just truly glad she didn’t eat a person…or child!!

Now to the BEST part!!!  The RILEY-HAMES reunion!!!  I adore me some Hames!  The absolute best part with Trish is its like no time has gone by!!  And…the kids hadn’t seen each other in 4years…and yet…it was like no time had passed for them either!!  I FINALLY got to meet the people responsible for the amazing human known as Trish..and it is very clear why Trish is sooo AWESOME!! Momma Murphy even taught me how to Polka!!! I so miss the Hames in Atlanta….but they are truly home.  And that makes me happy!!

I wish some techie genius would show me how to put pictures in certain areas of the post…but…I haven’t found one and no one has stepped up to offer…so, if you’re interested, scroll through the pictures!!!

Now since I’m behind!!  I’m doing today’s post next!!  Enjoy!! 😘😘

Day 1—in the books!!


Well, holy crap!!  We actually made it to Paducah, KY…seamlessly!  The girls were great…although a bit wired!!  Maggie travelled like a champ.  We were greeted with good weather all the way until we got to our hotel!!  But…after..we saw a beautiful rainbow.

So…this is actually a really boring post   Sorry!  We are so excited to catch up with the Hames family tomorrow!!

I hope I can get the pictures posted   Those were fun!

Oh!!  And the girls continue to complain about the state sign pics…TOO BAD!!!  Momma is going to make you get out!  Rain or shine!!!

The Thule is on!!

IMG_0002Ok….blog 2.  And the trip hasn’t even begun!!  So…Chris & I put the Thule on my car tonight…its official…we look like the Griswalds!  But instead of Wallyworld…we are headed for Wyoming….

I tend to believe I am somewhat intelligent…and I know for a FACT that Chris is a genius…no, really…a legit GENIUS…but this damn thing…on top of my car…almost sent me to engineering school!!  Luckily…I have mad monkey skills and climbed in top of the car to get it all secure!  Fingers crossed it doesn’t fly off!

Hopefully im smart enough to get the picture on here if the finished product!!  You will see the ladders involved.  Now I’m wondering how I’ll get anything OUT of the damn thing!!

Cheers to the adventures to come!!

First blog post

Hello world!!  Well, I have never done this before…but thought it would be fun to document our summer travels!!  This first one is going to be EPIC!!  So, my girls, Allison (almost 14), Alexia (11) and my big ‘ole bulldog Magnolia May are driving from Atlanta to Jackson Hole, WY!!  You may say “now why in the world would you do something like that??”   Well, the answer is…MAKING MEMORIES!!!!

I can honestly say that my Allison is not too excited…but…we have no real timeline!  If we see something cool and want to stop, we can stop!  If we get tired…stop.   If Maggie (big ‘ole bulldog) needs a break…we can stop!  Not to mention seeing all the cool stuff our country has to offer!!

Somehow, my dear sweet husband got out of driving with us…he claims he has this “work” thing he has to do….well..💩 (Poop)….so, the girls and I begin on Sunday!!

Here’s hopefully making this blog interesting, funny and not too boring!!

Stay Tuned!