First blog post

Hello world!!  Well, I have never done this before…but thought it would be fun to document our summer travels!!  This first one is going to be EPIC!!  So, my girls, Allison (almost 14), Alexia (11) and my big ‘ole bulldog Magnolia May are driving from Atlanta to Jackson Hole, WY!!  You may say “now why in the world would you do something like that??”   Well, the answer is…MAKING MEMORIES!!!!

I can honestly say that my Allison is not too excited…but…we have no real timeline!  If we see something cool and want to stop, we can stop!  If we get tired…stop.   If Maggie (big ‘ole bulldog) needs a break…we can stop!  Not to mention seeing all the cool stuff our country has to offer!!

Somehow, my dear sweet husband got out of driving with us…he claims he has this “work” thing he has to do….well..💩 (Poop)….so, the girls and I begin on Sunday!!

Here’s hopefully making this blog interesting, funny and not too boring!!

Stay Tuned!

One thought on “First blog post

  1. Well done – Can’t wait to read your adventures. I love blogging. So fun to sit down and have a blank slate to work with. Your jouney sounds fun. Try and hit some antique markets too. Wish I could join you! Best wishes, and be safe… keep driving and come visit me! xoxoxo Leslie, and the boys (Erik, Owen and Pdbub) You need a follow button… 😉


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