The Thule is on!!

IMG_0002Ok….blog 2.  And the trip hasn’t even begun!!  So…Chris & I put the Thule on my car tonight…its official…we look like the Griswalds!  But instead of Wallyworld…we are headed for Wyoming….

I tend to believe I am somewhat intelligent…and I know for a FACT that Chris is a genius…no, really…a legit GENIUS…but this damn thing…on top of my car…almost sent me to engineering school!!  Luckily…I have mad monkey skills and climbed in top of the car to get it all secure!  Fingers crossed it doesn’t fly off!

Hopefully im smart enough to get the picture on here if the finished product!!  You will see the ladders involved.  Now I’m wondering how I’ll get anything OUT of the damn thing!!

Cheers to the adventures to come!!

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