A day late…BUT..not a dollar short–YET!! :)


Hello!!  Well.. it has been an amazing couple of days!!   We left Paducah, Kentucky on Monday morning headed to the Hames chateau!!  Well…being the geography scholar (wink, wink) I am…I flew right by the Illinois state sign.  Unfortunately, we had crossed the Ohio River.   Much to my children’s dismay…I flipped a “u-ey”..drove BACK over the bridge…flipped ANOTHER “u-ey”…crossed the bridge for the 3rd time now…just to get the picture!!  And it was a good one! Albeit a little freaking since we didn’t have a lot of room to stop.  But hey!  I put my hazards on!!

I have a bone to pick with Missouri…no state sign?!?   Between Illinois and Missouri??  Cmon man!!  That seriously jacks with my picture documentation!!  (Lets remember…it’s me driving…very STRONG chance I flew by it)….ANYHOO…for now…it Missouri’s fault!!  So…since NO damn state sign…I OF COURSE had to stop in St. Louis and get pictures with the arch!!   I mean, it is the “Gateway to the West”…and I had to prove we were really in Missouri…so BAM!!  Got cool pictures!!  But, the funniest thing was Maggie!!  I literally had people stop and take pictures of her and with her!  One woman had her two sons sit next to her and take a picture!!  Being the Diva she is…she ate it up!!  I’m just truly glad she didn’t eat a person…or child!!

Now to the BEST part!!!  The RILEY-HAMES reunion!!!  I adore me some Hames!  The absolute best part with Trish is its like no time has gone by!!  And…the kids hadn’t seen each other in 4years…and yet…it was like no time had passed for them either!!  I FINALLY got to meet the people responsible for the amazing human known as Trish..and it is very clear why Trish is sooo AWESOME!! Momma Murphy even taught me how to Polka!!! I so miss the Hames in Atlanta….but they are truly home.  And that makes me happy!!

I wish some techie genius would show me how to put pictures in certain areas of the post…but…I haven’t found one and no one has stepped up to offer…so, if you’re interested, scroll through the pictures!!!

Now since I’m behind!!  I’m doing today’s post next!!  Enjoy!! 😘😘

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