Longest drive yet–and we made it!!


Hello!!  Well, today was the longest drive by far!!  But still so fun!!   We get up and the girls are slow moving…more like moving at a pace slower than turtles stuck in peanut butter!!!  Could be because we were up a little late playing scattergories and laughing like demented people!!  (Frankly, I’m so surprised we didn’t get a noise complaint!!). Moving on!   After filling up the car, getting Dunkin’ Donuts AND loading up on Starbucks coffee…we are off!!

We hit the Wyoming state line and the girls are so excited I didn’t pass the sign!!  Well…as you can see in the picture, it’s hard to miss!!  By far the best state sign yet!!!  Wyoming is so beautiful to me.  Since we are cruising down I-80 in the southern part of Wyoming, the terrain is different from Jackson Hole.  But, so stunning!!  We stopped at a couple pretty unknown stops…see pictures!!  The Lincoln highway memorial was cool to see…but really creepy up close!  🤣😳.

One thing that I find so cool are the wind turbines!!  I so want to know where they are sending their energy!!  Another interesting fact?  Wyoming is the least populated of all the United States.  Pretty cool, eh??  Well, it just got 3 more for June!!

Another  beautiful advantage of being in a very unpopulated state??  An 80mph speed limit!!!  YES!!  Momma got her drive on today!!

So, I know this post is super boring.  I have to admit that this is the first time I have truly felt tired at the end of our driving day.  But,  tomorrow is only 3 hours!  That will pass in a blink!

Thank you all for following our shenanigans!  It’s only about to get better as we live like locals in Teton Village!!

I will leave you with some interesting things we saw today either on trucks or T-shirts!!

“Gun control–use two hands”

“my guns=idiot control”

“Smith and Wesson are my family”

Happy Days to you all!!

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