Hello again!!  I am sorry for the delay.  I’m sure you are all just dying to know what has been happening, right??  Well…first, we made it!!  Yay!  It was an interesting drive.  All 2 lane roads… and went through one town with a population of 2…no, really, 2.

Our condo is wonderful!!  And Maggie has settled right in.  She has found a boyfriend already!  She’s quite the cougar!!  Dewey is a 9month old bulldog that lives downstairs.  He is precious and is making Maggie behave like a little schoolgirl!! I love it!!  She is playing and running around.  Sweet girl gets sore, but I have meds for that and she is so happy!

The girls are in heaven!  As am I!! It is so beautiful here.  It is really hard to explain or describe the general vibe!!  But it is soul cleansing!!  And you all know how much I love to be active!!  So being outside is the clean air, beautiful clear landscapes is my form of heaven!!  Oh!  And did I mention Huckleberry soda??  It’s amazing… and the girls’ drink of choice!!

We went to the top of Rendevous mountain.. it was COLD!!  And still so much snow!!  We have seen back country skiers…in June!!!  I must admit I am quite jealous!!  To me, the Tetons are majestic!!  Absolutely stunning!!  As you can see in some of our pictures!!


We have some friends in now!!  Heather and Kate Scribner!!  It has been so fun!  18 mile bike rides, seeing a herd of moose, hiking, horseback riding tomorrow….and, can’t forget, the epic uno games!!!


Well, enough talk…I know you guys really don’t want to read my babble…so, enjoy some pictures!!!!

Happy Trails!!

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