Just another WEEK in PARADISE!

IMG_0229Hello!  I cannot believe we have been here for an entire week.  Literally.  A. Week. I want to pinch myself daily because I truly feel like I’m in heaven.  I wake up every morning and have my coffee looking at snow capped mountains.  And then, on my walk (because the thin air just isnt working with my runs…YET!) I get to stare at the Grand Tetons in awe!

It was very sad today when Heather and Kate had to leave!  We had such a great time with them!  We biked, hiked, rode horses and rodeoed!!  It was such an amazing time.

And Maggie…my dear, sweet Maggie. Let’s all be real…y’all don’t give 2 craps about us humans…maggie is the real star.  She is still smitten with Dewie( yes, I’ve been spelling his name wrong… I apologized) and I can’t take her out without someone taking a picture with her!! Most of the time she’s not interested..she’s such a diva!!  I’m pretty sure our 20something neighbors downstairs hate me…5 boys in one condo…with Dewie the bulldog…and every time they are out…so are we.  I SWEAR we are not stalking…and yet Maggie…just seems to sniff Dewie out!!


Ok.  So. In this first week, here are my discoveries…my kids are freakingk amazing…I’ve drug them across the country…they have done a 20 mile bike ride, 15 mile bike ride, have laughed until we have cried and of course, been on each other’s nerves…and yet….they ask everyday what the new adventure is…without looking at an electronic.  They ask to play games, play frisbee and bike ride.  And I thank god every single day that he gave me these amazing little people!!

My other “thing”.. I miss my Chris TERRIBLY.  ( I already knew that would happen). Our 16th anniversary is tomorrow. And I thank god for him everyday. I want him here…maybe not driving with us…but here!!  (LOVE YOU BABE!!). This would never happen if not for him…and his ability to love me so much that he knows and recognizes my need for adventure and travel lust. But the travel is where it stops.  He is the absolute love of my life. ABSOLUTE. Our poor girls are so screwed!  I tell them all the time that they won’t ever find. Man as good as their daddy!!

ok. Enough sap!!  To all my friends who read this…like..for real…you rock!  But I may never come home…just sayin!!

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