It even rains in PARADISE…but it’s over quick!!!



And this is what it looks like after the rain!

Well, it’s been a little bit so I thought I’d update you…and annoy you with pictures and a video!!  I’m sure you are all just DYING to see what we’ve been up to….well…there’s been a lot of this…



And frankly…Chris said it perfectly….this is not a “vacation”…I basically moved our lives across the country for the month.. I still cook, clean…and then there’s LAUNDRY….how in the hell do 3 people wear so many different things!!   We didn’t pack that much!!  It never ceases to baffle me!!  But…it is truly amazing. I have never been to Europe *gasp*…  BUT…the beautiful, majestic things that America has to offer are so underrated.  The beauty of our own mountain landscapes, from the Appalachian, to the Rockies, to the Grand Tetons…not to mention the Pacific Northwest and the northeastern mountains!  It’s just stunning!!

So…now I’m off my soapbox!  We have been hiking, playing epic games of Uno (with Scribner rules!!) and playing like crazy with Maggie..


and…I FINALLY SAW A BEAR!!!  He was sooo cute!!  I know some of you are all “that’s crazy!!  Run!!”  But…if you’re quiet and leave them alone they’ll leave you alone!!!

Our next round of guests arrive tonight!!!  We are sooooo excited!!  The Jones’ girls…or as we now call them…the Tracy’s!!  We have a fun filled week…if the weather cooperates!  They are calling for snow down here in the village tonight.  But the exciting part is they are calling for 8-12 inches at the top of the mountain!  The backcountry skiers are all in a tizzy!!  I’m sure it will be awesome for them!!  I wish I was that good!!  🤣

So for now…I bid you farewell!  Happy Swinging!!


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