#familyunitbacktogether-warning! Long post!




Ahhhhh!!!   Chris FINALLY arrived!!  We missed him sooo much!!  He was here for a week…that went by way too fast!  BUT…we had an absolute blast while he was here!! And…we were blessed with beautiful weather!

The first thing we did was kayak String Lake and Leigh Lake!  We got very smart this year and rented a trailer for the kayaks!!  See…last year trying to load 2 tandem kayaks on top of our rental SUV almost landed us in couples therapy!!  🤣  Just kidding!!!  (Sort of)….we had the most glorious day!!  It was beautiful!!  The girls had their kayak…Chris and I had ours…we raced, chilled, raced some more…goofed off…laughed!!  And then….as we know about the mountains…weather changes quick. The sun was still shining…not a cloud in the sky…but within 5 minutes…the winds whipped up to about 15 mph!!  Our serene Lake turned quickly into waves and white caps!!  We went over to an inlet and switched up the kayaks…me and Allison in one…alexia and Chris in the other.  There was no way the girls were going to get past the wind on their own!  So after about a good 15 min of paddling…we made it past the wind tunnel!!  All in all…I found it fun…the girls…..not so much!!  😳



The next day was just a chill day!!  Which was awesome!!  Just hanging out as the family unit!!  (Yes…Maggie got the photo op!!)


Day 3 took us to Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park!!  Let me just say….STUNNING!!  The beginning was a hard hike and the girls were not too happy with us…but the payoff was AMAZING!!  The Hidden Falls, the views, the rushing river, the rocks to climb!!  And…we saw the cutest Marmot just hanging out…and….a Momma Moose and her calf!  That was stunning!!  The momma was HUGE!!  I hope the pictures tell a little of how beautiful this country is!!  Unfortunately…no great pics of the moose!




Saturday was Allison’s 14th birthday…ummm…how did THAT happen??? I’m clearly not getting older…right??  😳😳. Please don’t answer that!!   Allison chose to spend the day riding the Cowboy Coaster at Snow King Mountain!  It was so fun!!  Then a little shopping..lunch…and back to the Village for some Huckleberry soda and fun!  Our sweet girl just wanted us all to be together.  She is a very special young lady.  I am so honored to be her mother!! Ok…enough sap!!

We wore the girls out so the next morning Chris and I got up early and hike up rendezvous mountain!!  It was cool being just the 2 of us!! And it was HARD.. I loved every minute!!  Once we made it to the gondola…we rode down and had lunch with the girls then played all afternoon!!  Games, soccer with Maggie, frisbee…whatever!! It was sooo relaxing and fun!!

So… we asked the girls if they wanted to hike again.. we received a very adamant NO!! So…Chris and I got up really early and headed to Death Canyon….just WOW!!  This was just breath taking.  (Dude!  I’m running out of adjectives!!)  I’ll try and attach some video and pictures.  The best from that hike is this…we were almost to the Alaska Basin…where we would turn around. On the trail was a butt load of snow…which is usually manageable…however, there was a huge snow slope…that if you slipped and went down…you would slide all the way into this crazy raging river…to your certain death!  So…after some deliberation…Chris and I decided that we REALLY REALLY like living!!  It’s one of our most favorite things to do!!  So…we turned back there !!  Which was just fine!! We did see 2 Moose, 2 elk–one turned the corner about 10 feet in front of me…that was pretty awesome…2 pica and several Marmots! I love those little things!!





After all that…we headed back to the village and met the girls for lunch!!  And once again embarked on our afternoon of fun!!!

Chris left this morning…made us all sad and a bit grumpy.  But…he will meet us Saturday in Utah!!

Our time in the Wild West is coming to a close. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience. Chris and I are already looking into next summer!!  Sooo…we’ll see!!!  😉.

Until next time!!  Happy Trails!!


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