Gypsy Soul….




Well, it’s November 3rd.  NOVEMBER…and guess what?  The freaking temperature is in the mid to upper 70’s…WTF???  So, my gypsy soul is Jackson Hole Dreaming…every. single. day.  (See above…) Cold weather, snow, outdoor fun.  But, NO…it’s shorts and t-shirt weather in Atlanta.  Yuck!  See, I’m the weird southerner who ADORES the snow.  And, I CRAVE the cold.  So, how does one deal with heat?  If you know, please tell me!  Because I just keep checking flights to Wyoming….or Colorado, or Montana, Wait, where and when does the first ski resort open??  I should check there!  Oh, but, wait…REALITY CHECK…I have kids in school….guess I can’t just up and haul ass west.  Damn….

So, instead, I comb through the Jackson Hole Instagram account for all pictures of snow.  I research snow predictions.  I look and sign up for flight deals.  I search for ski gear deals…because, frankly, my kids keep growing!  What the hell??  :-).


I send my husband picture after picture of The Grand Tetons, the Sleeping Indian, (above) the Tram, the Snake River.  I beg to move.  But, then reality once again bitch slaps me.  DAMMIT REALITY–I’m a dreamer!  But, I am also lucky enough to have married my soul mate who nourishes and encourages my gypsy soul!  yet, keeps life real for me too!  My favorite quote I gave him is this:  “You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild”…that is us in a nutshell!  And he is my someone!


Well…for now, I will continue to JHDREAM….and live my blessed life here.  Until next time…..