On the Road Again!!


WYOMING BOUND!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!   Clearly Maggie is ready to hit the road.  It took us a bit longer to get ready…definitely different this year.  The rain was NO FUN trying to pack…then add taking our bikes this year.  Just different!


What a difference a year makes…Allison is officially taller than me..Alexia is about an inch away from being my height.  Maggie is still awesome.

So, our sign photo ops were way down due to the rain…so, we will resume tomorrow!  And, this year we are doing a different route and I am so excited.   The girls are trying to be excited..however…I know, deep down, they are!  (right???). Tomorrow will be another long drive day…and then we will hit Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands.  I am so excited!!  So, probably won’t update until Wednesday…I KNOW you are just sitting on the edge of your seats!!  So…Stay tuned!!



And, I totally missed the Kentucky sign…it was POURING!  But, we are trucking!

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