Day 2…in the books!


Well, not a lot of pictures today…we drove for 9 hours.  And, I have to say…it was a very pretty drive.  We hit Missouri, Iowa, and South Dakota…I think we weaved into Nebraska for a millisecond!  And, we spent last night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Give me 2 seconds to be introspective, please.  I think every American should drive through the midwest.  For several reasons…one, its beautiful!  And, it is humbling to see the all the farm fields.  These people provide us with amazing food!  We were lucky to be driving through on a work day and saw several tractors, combines, etc. working away!  I think we all sometimes get so caught so up in our busy city lives..take the grocery for store for granted and actually get ANGRY when food isn’t available.  Yet, these farmers depend on the weather.  If there is a drought, less food to sell, if there is a flood, less food to sell…and we get so pissy and don’t even think that that farmer is loosing his livelihood!    Ok..I’m off the soap box!

According to my Allison, South Dakota isn’t a real state…(yes, I am working on her snobbishness)…and, yet…it is beautiful!  Plush green, rolling hills…I was very pleasantly surprised…even as I was trying to outrun a nasty thunderstorm with quarter size hail…I am proud to say, I won!  When the speed limit is 80 (legally, mind you), you can beat a storm moving 20mph!!!  wooohoooooo!!!

So, these first two days were all driving…not a lot of time to stop….which was a bit disappointing, because there were some super cool Lewis and Clark things to stop and see.  Don’t you worry!!   I kept notes!

Also, we are coming into the point of our trip where we start looking for interesting bumper stickers, billboards, etc.  We try to remember and write them down…I saw my first billboard yesterday that I actually swerved!  “Eat steak, wear fur, keep your guns…it’s the American way”…but, still, my favorite was from last year….”beat the meth problem, shoot em all”…hopefully there will be some good ones!

I am so excited about today!  We are traveling I-90….and hitting Mount Rushmore and so much more!  I so can’t wait…so I guess I should get the girls up…huh???

Happy Trails!  Til next time…more pics in the next post…promise!

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