Day 3–no wifi!!!


Day 3!  And the bikes are still with us!

As you can see from this picture..Allison is just about over my pictures!  And, apparently so is Maggie!  BUT–what does the annoying mother do???  Why, take MORE of course!!


Day 3 was a very very busy day…and FUN!  Today was the day (actually yesterday since we had no wifi–more about that later!)…that we finally started checking things out!  Our first 2 days were very long driving days.  But, I have to say, South Dakota is BEAUTIFUL!!  We stayed in Sioux Falls, SD Tuesday night..and started Wednesday early and hit some truly interesting things…

First….there is a legit CORN PALACE in South Dakota…and it was really cool…the murals are CORN cobs!




Well, that was pretty cool…who would have thought??  And, there were SEVERAL tour buses!  Ya just never know!

Next, some beautiful Grasslands and the VERY FAMOUS Wall Drug, in Wall, South Dakota…



They needed some prayer time!!

Well..I forgot to get gas…so down the road I found a tiny place..population 66…and I found this!  My brother would LOVE THIS!!


Then…drum roll please!!!  Mount Rushmore!!!!!!  Finally!!!


It was absolutely incredible to me.  The sheer talent it took to carve this.  One of the rock carvers was in the gift shop..he worked on Mount Rushmore from 1938-1940…I was so blown away..I bought the book…not to mention he was such a sweet old man..and his wife was hysterical!  It was one of those things that gave me goose bumps!

I know you all are getting sick of this now…but, I have a few more pictures!  We stayed off the Needles Highway at Sylvan Lake.  We stayed in a little cabin by the lake and it was spectacular.  NO WIFI!!  And, guess what???  The kids SURVIVED!!  Crazy, right??  We walked around the lake after dinner, played a couple of and went to sleep…it was magical.  (ok, ok…there was A LOT of complaining..BUT..they did it!!). Check out this pictures…


First tunnel on Needles Highway




So, this morning, I took a walk around the lake…I love being outside so much and I saw some beautiful animals, my favorite marmot, and geese with their babies…I must say…the geese hissed at me…I tried to give them a wide angle, but there wasn’t a lot of room.


Got to walk through this…super cool!


They sure didn’t give me a lot of room to get around them!



The no wifi cabin!!!


I have to say…I wish I had more time on the Needles Highway.  I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to.  So, I told Chris, we will do that when we start RVing around the country!  I highly recommend Custer State Park!  Incredible!

I am off to bed…finally…today was busy as well.  And, tomorrow we will pull into Jackson and see my favorite mountains!  I hope to update again soon…Until then…

Happy Trails!

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