Day 4–We made it to Wyoming!!


Woohoo!! We made it!

As my brother likes to say “Wy-freaking-oming”!!  And, yes!  It is Freaking Beautiful!  Today wasn’t as busy as day 3…but, still very fun.  Except, I must admit…my girls were not as excited about Devil’s Tower as I was!  And, I get it…almost 15 and 12…BUT…I just hope that one day they appreciate this…I think they will…but, just not now!  Which is ok…because…I STILL had a blast!!


Seriously super cool!


Awe look! They smiled!

This was absolutely fascinating to me!  But, the girls were way more interested climbing the boulders….kind of funny!  But, still super cute.


Frankly, their favorite part was watching the prairie dogs!!  SOOOO CUTE!!  I haven’t uploaded the pictures from my good camera, but, Allison took some really cool shots.  I hope to get some up soon.

They were all very talkative!  I swear…I need a farm…I just want tons of animals!

Well…this was all we did!  Then we stayed in Casper…since it was the biggest town between Devils Tower and Jackson.

We are almost there!

Happy Trails!

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