Day 5–HOME!!!!!


Check it out!!  Day 5 and my children are still smiling..ok..well, one…the other one…well, not so much!  But, that’s OK!!  We had a 5 hour drive to get “home”!  But, lord…it seemed like the longest day.  Ya know how you are just so anxious to get there…so it just seems each mile took forever!  And, it could be that I actually had to drive 55….where everywhere between South Dakota and Wyoming was 80–80mph!!  YES!!  I guess you can do that when there isn’t hardly anyone on the road!!


So, we hit the Bridger -Teton National Forest…trucking down the Togowatee Pass…and low and behold…it’s snowing….yup, June 1st…it’s snowing!  I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!  The temp on the car read 37.  Yup…my heart sang a little tune, as my Allison moaned.  ( I then inwardly laughed…but, thought to keep it to myself!)


We then start heading down…the temp starts to go up, but, not above 44…at least not until  we were in town!  And, then only to 51


And, then..FINALLY….


So, at this point…the girls were over the pictures…so, I just got the sign.  And, that’s OK!  We are home!

The adventures will continue for the month…then, stay tuned, these Road Trippin Riley’s will be spending 6months here in the amazing town of Jackson Hole…January-June of 2019…Not sure if we will be called Road Trippin Riley’s–since we are staying put for 6 months…or just “hey, you have lost your minds Riley’s”!!  Either way…the adventures continue!

Stay tuned—



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