Trippin’ Riley’s….

Well, at this point most people are starting to believe that I am “trippin'”!  And, here’s why…

I am taking our girls out of school and we are moving to Jackson Hole, WY for 6 months.  (yes, I just heard the screeching of tires…or mind wheels)…so here’s the short story. (aren’t you lucky!!)…

As you all know if you have read my blog at all…I LOVE JACKSON HOLE….And, we love to ski, hike, snow mobile etc.  And, frankly, our girls are growing up too fast.  Our oldest is now a freshman….she’ll be gone in 4 years…Off to live her life…which she should.  And our youngest only has 6 years left.  So, I really wanted to take them out of their bubble and show them different things.  I want them to learn to come out of their comfort zone. I want them to know they can do absolutely anything they want to do if they work hard and put their mind to it.  I want to have FUN with them!!

Ok..all of that sounds great, right?  And it is all true.  But, let’s be real…like super real…It’s my selfishness and love of  Jackson that is taking us there!  I mean…what other mother in her right mind would uproot her kids,  take them away from friends they have had since preschool and put them in a brand new situation???  ME!  They will be doing virtual school, which makes it sound like total isolation..however, I’m doing that out of selfishness as well…see, regular school out there would just inhibit my plans for fun and adventure!  But, my little one will be playing club volleyball…(she will meet kids her own age), my oldest…well, she hasn’t decided if she wants to get a job or just do a ski club.  But, they will both have to make an effort.  And, that, my friends, is a life skill.  Effort…life skill….As one of our favorite quotes says (thank you Steamboat, CO)…


Thus, we are totally going outside their comfort zone.  I hope and pray they come back with incredible memories!  And, maybe a phenomenal college essay!!!

So, my next few posts will be about the process of moving a family for 6 months…Please, stay tuned…and, wish me luck, prayers and strength!!


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