I’ve lost my mind

Holy crap!  Ummm….so, it’s official, I’ve lost my mind…like completely.  Ok, maybe not my mind…but, definitely my wallet.  Ok…really Chris’s wallet, but, HA!  I have been a shopping fool!  Turns out, us Southern Gals need some serious winterization.

See, the cold we have in Atlanta, that lasts for about 2 weeks doesn’t even compare to the winter we will be living in.  And, I AM SO DAMN EXCITED!!!!  My oldest is just excited about the fashion…(hint…that girl needs a job to keep up with her changing tastes!!) I really should stop looking at the mountain cams on the Jackson Hole resort website.  Maybe, then I could curb my enthusiasm…ha…that was a joke too!  My excitement cannot be contained!!  I’ve been trying to talk Chris into us flying out sometime December to “drop our skis and stuff” at our rental house!!  And, of course, say HI to the mountain!!  So far…the job…has other plans.  BOO.

Well…I must go online shop some more…because frankly, we all need an entire new wardrobe to get us through!  Any cold weather suggestions are welcome…because, clearly, I need to keep my UPS peeps in business!!!

Until next time….I’m #jhdreaming!!

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