The Joy of Life

Well, as I sit here at the airport waiting to head back to Jackson after Sweet Melissa’s rosary service.  (I can’t stay for the funeral).  I am struck by the strength of courage of the people around me.  Amy Vargas.  My dear dear Amy.  She spoke so wonderfully about her sister.  Such an incredible tribute.  And, I feel this is so awful and tragic.  It does make you take a step back and look at life.

Every seat was taken at the funeral home and the halls were even filled.  You truly never know how many people you impact on a daily basis.  I know Melissa didn’t know the amount of people she influenced in her short time here on earth.  And, I wish she had known how far she reached.

So with that, we move forward.  I can’t imagine how hard it is for Aunt Patti and Uncle Pat.  They are very faithful.  But, this was their child, their baby.  I pray they find peace.  For Amy, her sister and my proclaimed sister…I know it’s going to be hard…but, I know she is one of the strongest people I know.  Her dear husband and those precious children…they will move forward, and slowly each day will get easier.

Now I ask, what small things can we do to make everyday better?  Yes, we all have bad days..I mean, that’s life, right?  But, is it hard to just smile at someone?  Is it hard to step out of our little worlds and look around and actually see and listen to people?  Really listen.  To take a minute and be grateful for what we have.  And I mean really have.  Not the house, cars, vacations, bank account balance…no…be grateful for the love in your life.  The beauty.  The GOOD!!

I have decided that I am going to strive to be more mindful. Mindful of the energy I send into the world.  I want to smile.  I want to compliment.  I want to be positive.  I want to encourage and support.  I want to spread as much joy as possible.  So, I challenge you.  Can you spread joy?  Can you stop and be grateful, truly grateful?  Try it.  Let me know how it goes.

And, for Sweet Melissa, thank you.  Thank you for saving so many women in your family.  Thank you for being you.  We will miss you.  But, we will carry your joy forever.  Rest sweet girl.  We love you.

Spread joy…



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