WE MADE IT!! (A little bit ago)


Yes!  We made it.  It was a LONG 3 days…but, my sweet husband is a driving rockstar!  We drove 5 hours the first day in rain (boo), then about 14 hours the next and 10 the last..but, we made it and it is WONDERFUL!!


So, this is home for the next few months.  I couldn’t be more excited.  There is just something in my soul that lights up the minute I see The Grand.

We got in on a Friday and we weren’t moving into our house until Sunday…so Chris and I stayed in the CUTEST “tiny cabin”..


It’s called Fireside Resort…I HIGHLY recommend it!  Such a cute place and easy to get to the ski resort…check it out peeps!

Then it was finally time to pick up the girls…man…I missed them.  But as hard as we drove (and the fact that there was absolutely no room for them in the car!!)…they would have been miserable!  So, instead, they got to hang with their Godparents and see friends.  Check out this pic…makes me laugh!!


How different my girls are!!  One freezing,  the other sweating!

But, Maggie loves the snow.  She is acting like a sweet puppy again and I love it!


I mean, seriously, how cute is she????

Ok, enough for now…please continue to pray for Sweet Melissa’s family!

Stay Wild!


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