It’s not all Rainbows and Unicorns….


Like how I did that???  The rainbow…and sweet puppy?  Well…I needed a laugh today!  And, I believe everyone needs a good laugh….often!

Ok, so why isn’t it all rainbows and unicorns?  BECAUSE ITS LIFE PEOPLE!!!  LIFE….L. I. F. E.   LIFE!  And, believe it or not…life did not come with an instruction manual…and neither did kids!!  I mean..what the hell??  We’re supposed to figure all this out on our own???  Well…as I tell my kids..I’ll pay for 1 year of therapy, then they better have some darn good health insurance!!  I mean, I can’t screw them up that bad…right?  HA!!  Of course I can!



So…Let’s talk the school transition…It hasn’t been smooth…but it has been eye opening!! (But look at that cool booth…who wouldn’t want to do work there???)  Both of my kids apparently have a problem ready directions before starting anything.  I mean, why would they?  Right?  It’s the logical thing to do..but, they are teenagers…is there a logical thought in their brains right now???  Hell no!!  But, we worked through that…

And then it’s trying to figure out the best times to do school.  And this, my friends, is my fault…I want to be outside doing something every single day…that doesn’t work too well with online school..well, it actually does, but, it doesn’t work well with one kid.  One kid is ok doing work into the evening if we go out and ski early…not so well with the other…but, part of this “experiment” is to get the girls to step out of their comfort zones!  Stay tuned for that…that’s an entire novel for later!

So, does this look like the kids are miserable?  No!!  And, frankly, they aren’t.  But I grossly underestimated how much they would miss their friends.  They miss them terribly.  And, I get it.  They are teens…their entire lives revolve around their friends.  And, this is where the mom guilt comes in…bad..This is my happy place.  This is the place my soul longs to be….but, in reality, it is not where my kids want to be.  And, that’s ok!!  As they both have said, they are having a blast skiing, being outside, learning a couple new things…but, they miss their friends.  I wish I could have their friends out all the time.  I’m working on getting people out…and we have several people coming out which is great….but for them, it’s a lifetime before their friends join us for some fun.


So, even though I am feeling guilty…I still truly believe that when they look back…they are going to be so grateful for this experience…they may be 50 and I may be dead…but, they will look back and appreciate this.  And, we are having fun….lots of fun…and for me, probably not for them, I am so thankful for this time.  Allison will be in college in 3 1/2 years…that is a nanosecond…then Alexia will be gone.  To have this time is such a precious gift.  My job as a mother is to teach them to fly…and they will fly and live their own lives and that is what I want for them…but, for now…I’m going to hold my babies tight…and maybe shove them down the mountain!  🙂

For me, maybe it is all rainbows and unicorns…but that is because I am an inherently positive person.  I am so happy.  And, I plan to continue to spread that joy and happiness (see a previous post about that!!)


Look at this majestic peak.. That is the tip of the Grand..she is so beautiful!

Now, I must wake up the kiddos…it’s a bluebird ski we are skiing then school (see, still trying to find the balance). 🙂

Remember, spread JOY and stay WILD!!


This was the full moon this morning in the back yard…just wow!!

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