And, the journey continues!

I know it’s been a while!  And, for all of my 4 readers…I do so apologize!!  But, we have been busy!  First, we had family in town (more to come on that!!), then we had some friends come in…and, for some reason I have no time!  I mean..what the hell?  Yes, Yes, I am sure you are all saying “boohoo, poor thing..just plays all day”…well…I WISH!!  Ok, ok…yes, we play A LOT!!  But, seriously…why do you think I had kids??  It sure wasn’t the legacy!   I want to play with them!!  Why do kids get to have all the fun??  🙂

Ok..but, seriously…I have no idea where the time goes. Contrary to what you 4 think..I don’t ski everyday…(well, sometimes..but, we don’t need to go into that!)…but, I am up at 6-6:30…usually finishing laundry of some kind…have my coffee, sometimes work out, sometimes ski, then it’ all about the girls!  Well, not really as they are totally independent with their online school…but, then I’m cleaning, laundry, cooking, laundry….you see the theme here!  How 3 people wear so many clothes..I will never understand!

Ok…enough boring stuff!!  So!!  I originally had a title for the post when my cousin, Dawn, her husband Jim and son Hiatt were here…Ready for this one…because it would have been fabulous if I hadn’t fiddle farted time away….



Yes, it’s true…50 inches of snow fell in the 4 days they were here!  I was soo excited..and we had some fun!  First, it was so fun to have them and show them my favorite town!!  We had a blast.  And I am so grateful as I know how hard it is for them to take time off!!

It started off a bit dicey as their flight was delayed like 3 hours…but no worries!  We grabbed dinner and then home…And, no trip is complete without an Antler Arch Pic!!!


And, then this is what happens when you ask a partially inebriated person to take a picture of all of you….


Hiatt’s face says it all..and I have no idea where Allison is…


And, then, with all the snow…the rest of the pictures looked like Alexia had some kind of laser shooting from her body!!


So, there’s that!  Then, bring on the skiing!!!  It was so fun.  And, thank goodness for a lot of powder…because we had some wipeouts!  All fun ones, and no injuries, which is key!  The snow was so chopped up  and so we stayed in some trees (very fun albeit sketchy when 4 of you are flying through!)..I’ll let some pictures speak for themselves…


There are a couple of Hiatt eating it..however they have mysteriously disappeared…hmmm…think I may need to have a chat with my nephew!!

We saw some great wildlife….Elk on the Elk refuge, a moose that I have now named Lucy…I see her all the time…and a Bald Eagle totally showing off!!  Check these out!



This is “Lucy”….And yes, I am that close…just outside my front door…

There is so much more…It was so nice to chill out with family and share this magical place with them!  But, for now, keep Jackson Hole Dreaming!!

Stay Tuned….another post coming sooner rather than later!!


Stay Wild!

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