When Life gives you…SNOW…and snot…

Well, well, well…I was in the middle of a ridiculously funny blog post when BAM..our internet went out.  Then…snow joined us again…then people came as it was the Atlanta spring break….then…dun, dun, duuuunnnn (add creepy music)…I got the dreaded stupid nasty cold.  Nicole..this picture is for you!


Vaporub…the cure for EVERYTHING!!

But, before I was totally knocked on my butt…for a WEEK…(actually now 2 and some antibiotics later) we had some seriously good fun!  But, let me sidetrack for a second…why….I really mean WHY…did I have to get sick this week..of ALL WEEKS?????  We had tons of friends here to ski…Allison had a friend out for 10 days…my incredible HUSBAND was here for a week…but, NOOOOO….apparently my body (or maybe I just had some bad karma…although I can’t figure out how..I’ve been trying to live right and kind!) decided to just bitch slap me.  Well…ok then…now..back to our regularly scheduled program!!

So, it all started with Nicole…I LOVE NICOLE!!!  And, man..what a trooper…she tolerated our crazy early ski mornings, me singing and cooking breakfast…my burnt pancakes and my love/obsession with my Moose!!  Allison tried snowboarding with Nicole..after the first day…she went back to her skis…and they were off!! Then the Johnstons and the Rivas’ made it in and it was group skiing at its finest!!


Airport selfie!


So, you know I can barely do a post without mentioning my Moose!  So, after taking some people to the airport…me, Allison and Nicole were headed home to let Maggie out before meeting up with everyone…well…we came around the corner and saw this:


Lucy…my MOOSE!!

She’s just chillin in my driveway.  So..being the kind citizen I am …I go right by…I couldn’t bear to bother her!  I am pretty sure it was at this point that Nicole thought I was completely insane.

Well…then…this is what we came home to later…


She’s sooo cute!!

This was taken after I pulled in and told everyone to get out on the passenger side.  Sweet girl hung out for about an hour.  Poor Maggie..I took her out back to go to the bathroom…but, the snow is so high…it was hard to find a spot!  Anyway!

The week went by in a blur..probably because I was on the sofa for half of it!!  But, the happiest of all was Maggie..because she and I were curled up on the sofa and she loved having me home all day…even if I was sleeping most of the time.  We were most definitely bonded even more!!


She took my spot!!

Ok…so check out some of these fun pictures!!  I may not have been with them…but, I am sooo happy they had a blast!



Skiing was so fun…but, there’s more to Wyoming than skiing!! The first Saturday Nicole was here…we came home and Todd (incredible, kind, funny landlord) was shoveling the woodshed roof.  I wanted to help so I jumped up and started helping. (shoveling is very hard…and yet very fun).   He told us the story of how his daughters would sled off the roof after it was shoveled…so, of course we had to try it!!!  Check these out!!  Talk about good, old fashioned fun!





My absolute favorite part of the videos is Todd chilling out just laughing at us!!  But, it was fun…it wasn’t far…but, still…something we can’t do in Atlanta!

I know I have you all in stitches..but, I’ll sign off for now…Stay tuned…I’ll have another update soon.   Remember..stay wild and keep our wildlife safe!

Until Later!!

Keep smiling!