IMG_4939Well, my loyal 5 readers…beware…this post is a ramble.  See…I’m a brat.  Yes, a brat.  I am sooo homesick for Jackson.  Like…so much sometimes there is a literal ache in my heart.  Don’t get me wrong…I am so happy to see my friends. And, to see the girls so happy with their friends and school.  Selfishly…I miss having them to myself.  Well, frankly, I would take them and their core group of friends back with us!  I mean…homeschool heaven and ski like crazy!!  Clearly, I am a dreamer….BUT…I would do it in a heartbeat!

I digress….we had an incredible summer…albeit…we are living in the 7th circle of hell with the heat we have had in Atlanta.  So, surviving that alone has been tough since I am so in love with the cold and no humidity.  I did get to take a group of teen girls to the beach for a week to celebrate Allison’s 16th birthday..now THAT was fun!!


Core 4

This is my favorite pic from the week.  I have nicknamed these girls the “core 4″…they are so awesome together!!  They are fun…but, smart!  It was so nice to be able to sit on the beach and read while knowing they are having fun and being safe!  Well…as long as Clara was directing where to bike!  Otherwise, I’m afraid they would have ended up in Pensacola!!  Lord help us when they start driving without a parent!!

In all honesty…this has been an epic summer for Allison!  2 beach trips, Billie Eilish concert, Shawn Mendes concert, music midtown and tons and tons of sleep overs and shopping.  Which…translates to an epic summer for me.  So, I won’t complain!

Now…sweet Alexia…my baby had some tough lessons to learn.  It broke my heart but needed to be done for sure.  See…she was very lazy with online school….so had to finish over the summer.  She still got the beach trips, but, not a lot of the other stuff.  But, I can honestly say she learned that lesson…the hard way…but, better now than high school!

Now…let’s go back to why I’m a brat.  Well…my sweet husband has endured major abdominal surgery.  And, in perfect Riley fashion….it was more intense than even the surgeon anticipated!  BUT…MAYO ROCKS! I won’t take him anywhere else.  And, then…after we were home for a week, the incision opened.  So, I got to play nurse and pack his open would for about 5 weeks…but, guess what he let me get….maybe it was the drugs…but, he let me get these babies!!


Teton and Avy Rose

Yup…2…TWO English bulldogs!!  They are driving me crazy….but, I am sooo in love!!  They are so funny, fun, stubborn, snuggly and snorty…just like I love them!

Ok…back to homesick.  I am homesick.  I feel in my soul that Jackson Hole Wyoming is my home.  I am trying to be patient.  I don’t want to rush time…esp. with the girls growing up so fast.  But, I want to be there…all the time.  With my husband!  After all…I need him to adventure with me!  Have you ever just been somewhere and said “this is home”?  Not where you grew up, not where you live…but, deep in your soul you know that place is home?….well, that’s Jackson for me.  I miss the clean air, the wildlife, the slower pace, the mountains, ok, everything!  I honestly thought maybe after spending 6 months there my obsession would be less.  It’s not.  iI made my obsession so much worse.  And, that’s ok.  I love feeling passionate about Jackson!

I am so thankful we moved into a home here in Atlanta that allows us to continue to save and plan for our adventure.  Will we retire?  No.  But, man, I would LOVE to work at the resort, continue to meet new people and be outside….ALL THE TIME!!

Well, thank you for reading my ramble….I know I jumped around so much…you must have whiplash!  To soothe…I’ll leave you with some stunning pics!!





Just a sweet beautiful Elk wondering what I’m doing…