Our time in Jackson, WY has come to a close….

IMG_0845Well, I have actually delayed writing this post.  I was beyond sad to be leaving Jackson.  It’s very bittersweet. I am excited to head home and be with Chris everyday…see my awesome friends and hang out by the pool.  However, there is something about the Grand Tetons and Jackson that just speak to my soul.  I can’t express the gratitude I feel for this amazing experience!!  And to share it with our girls.  It’s seriously priceless (however…the Amex says otherwise!!!) look closely at the pic…alexia is on the other side…behind the closed window.  😦

The last couple of days were fun!  As usual!! And…I swear the mountains were mad at me for getting ready to leave!  (Or…most would say they were sick of me and kicking me out!!).   Anyhoo!!  So…I took Chris to the airport…went for a run…girls were still sleeping, so I took a bike ride…it was gorgeous!  I went down to an area called The Aspens…I tooled around and went to the market.  Came out..and the dark clouds had rolled in…so I hopped on my bike…I had 4 miles.  I thought “sure!  I can totally ride 4 miles and beat the rain!”… umm…once again, I underestimated mountain storms!  The rain came down in buckets…and it was COLD!!  It was a full on storm. Thunder, lightening…and HAIL!  Freaking hail!!  And I’m riding as fast as I can!!  The hail HURT!!  But I’m just laughing… I mean…that’s all you can do…right?!?  The rain finally stopped…but the wind whipped up hard!  I felt like I was biking through cold molasses!!!  Geez!!   I finally get back and the girls just look at me…shake their heads…and go back to their books!!  I mean…seriously?!?

These are some pics from my last walk!!

The next day started out awesome!! I hiked up Wildflower and saw a sweet momma Moose…check out my video!!  Made it to the top..and it was beautiful!  Started heading back down…and BAM…another storm rolls in. Once again…hail.  Seriously.  Hail. Again.  It hit me so hard…it hurt my ears!  Mainly it was blowing sideways!  No lightening…so I took cover under a tree!  Waited out the hail…did some downhill trail running..by the time I made it to the bottom…nothing but blue skies!!  Gotta love mountain weather!

We headed out to Park City, Utah on Friday the 30th.  It was so sad saying goodbye to some super awesome people and dogs.  I do hope and pray we can see them all next summer! I even told Chris I would work in Jackson Hole!! Well…the resort!!  🤣


We are now in Utah…it is a lot more crowded than Jackson.  And A LOT warmer!  But, Chris is back so it’s all good!!

Until next time!  Happy Trails!!