Good Times!!

IMG_0449Its has been another fun filled week!!  Tracy and her 2 girls came out for 5 days!  We had so much fun!!  I felt bad because the weather wasn’t so great, but we made it work anyway!!

So the very first thing the girls wanted to introduce Tracy’s’ girls to was Huckleberry soda…OF COURSE!!  Ella loved it…Mallory?  Not so much!


Their first full day here was nasty…so we hit the shops!!  That was fun…but the true party began when we got back to the condo!!  Let the games begin!!  We first started with uno…which is classic, of course… but the claws came out when we played spoons!!!  At one point Tracy was halfway across the table trying to grab a spoon!!  It was hysterical!!  There were a few “spoon injuries”…cut finger…slammed hand…but it was all good.  It’s just not as much fun playing without them…☹️


Second day was hiking fun!!  We took the girls up for waffles on the top of the mountain first.. after all, ya gotta fuel up!  It had snowed the night before and covered the stairs that you can take to the summit. It was soooo windy!  I was worried Mallory would fly off the mountain! Check out the pics to get a feel!! (No pun intended!)

Then the rodeo!!  Ella and I were the only brave ones to do the mechanical bull!!  I thoroughly embarrassed my kids…and Ella looked like she belongs in the west!!  And the BEST…Ella WON the kids calf scramble  (which is really sheep with bandanas tied around their necks)!  Ella was so fast she pulled both bandanas!!  So she gave one to another girl!!  She won 4 tram passes…which she very kindly gifted to Chris!!  Wyoming was stunned by this wicked fast soccer player!!




On Thursday we did a boat ride around Jenny Lake…that was a cool different way to see the lake!  (Pic above)  And…gave the girls a break since I almost killed them the day before..😳  And we did a chuck wagon dinner that night!!  That was super cool!!  BarJ ranch hosts chuckwagon dinners from May-September   It’s a true western meal with full western entertainment!!!   It was so fun and different!  The guys that sang were stunning with their harmonizing!!  As they said…”true WESTERN… not country”!


Friday was EPIC!!  Tracy found this cool tour that took us up through Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  I would have never thought about it…so Tracy is a rockstar…as usual!!!  Not to mention I was excited to have someone else drive so I didn’t drive everyone off a cliff!!  We stopped at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, several waterfalls and Old Faithful!  The weather wasn’t the best. And it was raining pretty hard at old faithful… Tracy was getting soaked..until our guide said “oh yeah, I have an umbrella in the truck”… that at least helped Tracy not get drenched…just a bit soaked.  So it worked out!!  And look close at the picture…she really is smiling!  🤣


We saw elk, deer, bison, birds, ducks, geese…even a pelican…but the absolute best was the grizzly momma and her 2 cubs!!  Our guide was fantastic!  And there were 3 rangers there–so pretty safe…I think!!   These bears are celebrities out here!  They are not afraid of humans at all…walked right by..didn’t even look twice. I guess when you can eat a human…you’re not very intimidated!! Sorry the pictures are blurry…she is beautiful! And her 2 cubs were just playing and playing!!  It was definitely the best thing I’ve seen so far out here!!  The only thing that would top it is a wolf—I’m still holding out hope!!


If you are ever out here in Jackson Hole, WY…definitely do Eco Tour Adventures. The full day through Yellowstone.  Ask for Shaun.  He was great!  Interacted well with the kids…and was very very knowledgeable—and so funny!!

Well….the girls and I were in a bit of a funk after the “Tracy’s” left.  But now, Chris comes tomorrow and we can’t wait!!!

Heres to great friends, millions of good times and a lifetime of memories!!

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